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We pride ourselves in upholding the traditions at Texas Tech University. Through High Riders, you are able to actively participate in ringing the Victory Bells, Carol of Lights, tryout for Raider Red, and much more!


The Victory Bells - one large and one small, which combine to weigh 1,200 pounds - hang in the east tower of the Administration Building. In 1936 victory bells were given to Texas Tech as a class gift. The bells rang for the first time at the 1936 class's graduation.

High Riders ring the bells for 30 minutes after every Lady Raider victory and for special occasions. The only other organization to ring the bells are Saddle Tramps who ring for men's athletics.


To celebrate the holiday season Texas Tech holds an annual event in December called the Carol of Lights. The event includes the Texas Tech University Combined Choirs, Saddle Tramps, High Riders and Masked Rider. When the lighting ceremony commences, students as well as those who came for the show stand in awe as over 25,000 red, white and orange lights illuminate the 13 buildings surrounding memorial circle.

Saddle Tramps start at the ceremony with a torch-lighted parade. High Riders light the way for our brother organization, Saddle Tramps, at the front of the Physics/Geosciences building. 


Every year High Riders do a streamer drop at the pink out games for volleyball and women's basketball. 

We roll different colored streamers at 60 feet each and place them in the rafters of the United Supermarkets Arena before the pink out games. During pre-game activities we drop the streamers signifying our support for breast cancer awareness,


For the last home game of each women's sport we decorate each teams locker room to support the seniors and other players. We decorate the locker room with streamers, balloons, snacks and words of encouragement on mirror. 


Raider Red was created in 1971 when the Southwest Conference banned live mascots from traveling to away games. Even though Red was created in 1971, High Riders were not allowed to tryout until 2005.

Since 2005, 12 High Riders have served in the role of Raider Red. The identity of the students serving as Red is kept a secret from the public until their end of service. Raider Red serves as the official public relations mascot for the university at hundreds of events each year.